Services for Belgians in the USA

Belgian Embassy and Consular Services

The Belgian Embassy is situated in Washington, D.C. and there are three Consulates General in the United States: New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles as well as many Honorary Consulates throughout the country.

Chambers of Commerce

  • Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce
    The Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce, or BelCham, is an independent non-for-profit organization at the service of Belgians and their friends, with the sole purpose of supporting Belgian excellence in the United States. To support this Belgian excellence, BelCham provides a variety of services, ranging from office space, over 50+ events per year to the J-1 trainee and internship program. All the services they offer are tailored to the specific needs of their members.
  • Belgian American Chamber of the South 
    The Belgian American Chamber of the South is a non-profit and member-driven organization that supports, promotes and enhances business between Belgium and the Southeast of the United States. They serve the states of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky, North and South Carolina and Mississippi. The core mission of the Belgian American Chamber of the South is to improve business and investment opportunities for the U.S.-Belgian business community. For prospective Belgian companies who want to invest in the southeast the chamber provides complementary information packages and proper introductions to the appropriate U.S. local or regional instances for additional investment information. For U.S. companies who desire to invest in Belgium, the Chamber will orient them to the proper national or regional instances.

Belgian Clubs & Associations

There are many organizations who help and guide Belgians abroad. These organizations are especially very helpful when you are looking for specific information, but also when you just want to meet and socialize with people from your home country.