General Delegation of the Government of Flanders to the USA

General Delegation of the Government of Flanders to the USA

The General Delegation of the Government of Flanders to the USA is the diplomatic presence of Flanders, a regional government of the federal country of Belgium that enjoys full treaty making powers. The General Delegation is based in New York City, where, as a part of the Consulate General of Belgium, it represents and defends all the interests of the Government of Flanders in the United States. The General Delegation is the first point of contact in the USA for all issues related to the Government of Flanders and its competences.

In addition to supporting and facilitating official contacts between the Government of Flanders and the different levels of government in the United States, the General Delegation is also particularly active in the fields of academic, cultural, and public diplomacy, as well as community outreach, the promotion of Flemish policy expertise, and increasing Flanders’ name recognition. Together with Flanders Investment & Trade and VISITFLANDERS, the General Delegation of the Government of Flanders is your source of information on Flemish diplomatic, academic, scientific, cultural, economic, and touristic activities and exchanges in the United States.



Since 2009, the General Delegation of the Government of Flanders to the USA is located at Flanders House on the 38th floor of The New York Times Building in Manhattan.

We can easily be reached by public transport: our offices are located right across from Port Authority (buses from New York & New Jersey) and we are also accessible via subway station Port Authority - 42nd Street - Times Square (lines N, R, Q, W, A, C, E, 1, 2, 3, 7, S).

  • Yves Wantens
    General Delegate of the Government of Flanders to the USA
  • Nicolas C. Polet
    Director of Public & Academic Affairs
  • Hilde Platinck
    Office Manager



Flanders Investment & Trade - New York

Flanders Investment & Trade - New York

Flanders Investment & Trade is the economic representation of the Government of Flanders, supporting Flemish companies doing business abroad as well as offering expert advice and tailored assistance to foreign businesses looking to establish or expand their activities in Flanders, Belgium and Europe.

Are you ready to partner up with dynamic companies exporting to the U.S.?  Perhaps you want to export your product to the European market? Or maybe you are considering setting up in Europe?
We at Flanders Investment and Trade can help you with that! We support companies from Flanders exporting to the U.S. by facilitating synergies with select U.S. companies. 
We also offer expert advice and tailored assistance to U.S. companies with plans to set up or expand in Europe.
We have 6 offices in the United States: Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Houston and San Francisco. We cover a broad range of sectors ranging from financial services to fashion, automotive, aerospace, energy, chemicals, agribusiness, textiles, entertainment, and diamonds just to name a few. 
Within our Science and Technology Offices, our Technology Counselors provide unparalleled global expertise focusing essentially on Digital Tech, Health Tech and Climate Tech. 
We are happy to help your company to meet with potential partners and investors from Flanders, through a variety of matchmaking and networking events, roadshows, trade shows or conferences. 
Contact us today and discover why Flanders is your gateway to Europe.



  • Luc Strybol
    Head of Post & Economic Counselor
  • Jan Wauters, PhD
    Science and Technology Counselor, Life Sciences and Nanotechnologies
  • Laura Pereira
    Director of Investment
  • Caroline Rahier
    Commercial Deputy
  • Lauren Zoebelein
    Assistant to the Flemish Economic Representative
  • Nadia Majidizadeh
    Assistant to the Flemish Economic Representative
Flanders Investment & Trade - Chicago

Flanders Investment & Trade - Chicago

  • Piet Morisse
    Trade & Investment Commissioner
  • Claude Stomp
    Director of Investments
  • Karel Sorgeloos
    Assistant to the Flemish Economic Representative
Flanders Investment & Trade - Atlanta

Flanders Investment & Trade - Atlanta

  • Conny Van Wulpen
    Investment and Trade Commissioner
  • Nina Vanspauwen
    Commercial Assistant
Flanders Investment & Trade - Houston

Flanders Investment & Trade - Houston

  • Brad Hargis
    Director of Business Development
  • Caroline Devine
    Trade & Investment Officer
Flanders Investment & Trade - Los Angeles

Flanders Investment & Trade - Los Angeles

  • Raphael Pauwels
    Trade & Investment Commissioner
  • Barbara Bruneel
    Deputy Trade
  • Nikki Van Tendeloo
    Invest Deputy
  • Rebecca Davis
    Executive Assistant
Flanders Investment & Trade - San Francisco

Flanders Investment & Trade - San Francisco

  • Wim Sohier
    Head of Post, Science & Technology Counselor
  • Alexander Bleyaert
    Assistant Science & Technology Counselor


VISITFLANDERS North America is the Tourist Office for Flanders-Belgium and covers the USA and Canada. VISITFLANDERS works very closely with travel agents, tour operators, associations, and the North American press and general media to promote this region that is constantly improving its line of products and attractions as a destination for cultural travelers and a meeting and conference destination.

Traveling leads to broadening a person’s worldview, increasing self-confidence, and a better awareness of people and places. And as an organization, VISITFLANDERS actively works on the future of tourism, the Travel to Tomorrow, rooted in local communities, local entrepreneurs, in neighborhoods, villages and cities that thrive and, as a result, enjoy welcoming visitors that are passionate about what Flanders has to offer. A flourishing community is very much connected to its specific place; where people work together, where visitors can feel at home and residents can nurture and share their love for the place.

  • Marco Frank
    Trade Manager
  • Marcos Stupenengo
    Media Relations Manager
  • Brecht Putman
    Associations Director North America
  • Wimke Nijs
    Business Operations and Program Manager
    Associations Director West Coast
Global Network

Global Network

Flanders is highly connected to the world. It is a core task of the foreign policy of Flanders to defend Flemish interests abroad.

Move your mouse (or your finger on mobile devices) over the map below to explore our global network.

  • General Delegation of the Government of Flanders
  • General Delegation of the Government of Flanders at Multilateral Organizations
  • Country Office for Development Cooperation
  • Flanders Investment & Trade
  • Flanders Investment & Trade office in cooperation with Awex and Brussels Hub
  • Flanders Cultural Center ‘de Brakke Grond’ in Amsterdam
  • Arts Flanders Japan-Tokyo
Belgian Embassy & Consulates

Belgian Embassy & Consulates

The transatlantic relationship with the United States of America, together with European integration and a preference for multilateral cooperation, is one of the cornerstones of Belgium’s foreign policy. The United States is a strategic partner in defense and security and our most important trade partner outside the European Union. In addition, both countries cooperate constructively in various multilateral and regional organizations.

The Belgian Embassy is situated in Washington, D.C. and there are three Consulates General in the United States, located in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles as well as many Honorary Consulates throughout the country. To date almost 28,000 Belgians with permanent or temporary residence in the USA are registered with the consular services. Most Belgians live in the states of California, New York, Georgia, Texas, and New Jersey. Click here for more information.