GLORIA Salvador Oliveros at TENRI cultural institute

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 - 5:00am to Monday, February 20, 2017 - 5:00am

Salvador Oliveros, a painter of movement and light, discovered his passion for art as a child in Mexico City--drawing watercolor designs on shirt cardboards from the laundry. He recognized very quickly that he had an innate talent for mixing and applying color. In his late teens, eager to explore a wider world, Salvador set off by cargo ship to rediscover his European roots. From a base in Toulouse, he traveled widely for a year, devouring the treasures of the great museums--and always with a drawing pad at hand. He was particularly attracted to Prague, because of his childhood admiration for the advanced animation techniques of Jiri Trnka.

Through the Czech Institute of Culture, Salvador won a scholarship to study film animation in Prague,
learning especially from Bretislav Pojar, a leading disciple of Trnka. At the same time, Salvador was creating an extensive collection of pen-and-ink drawings. Upon completion of his studies, Salvador worked in Amsterdam--always pursuing his drawings, but now together with watercolor. In the process, he learned Dutch, his fifth language (after Spanish, French, Czech, and English). Recently he has also tackled Japanese, studying at Tenri Cultural Institute, in New York.

This fresh command of Dutch facilitated his settling in Ghent and becoming a naturalized Belgian citizen.
Salvador was invited by Raoul Servais to study at the Royal Academy of Art in Ghent. He quickly moved on from animation to lithography, etching, woodcut and silkscreen. Ever since the 1990s, Salvador has divided his time between Belgium and the U.S., finding inspiration in both cultures--and exhibiting in numerous shows, including a retrospective at El Palacio de Minería in Mexico City.

After years of working mainly in acrylic on canvas, he is now concentrating on oils.