New York Early Music Celebration: Barthold Kuijken & Immanuel Davis, transverse flutes

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 11:30pm


Barthold Kuijken & Immanuel Davis, transverse flutes


Virtuoso baroque flutists Barthold Kuijken and Immanuel Davis are joined by viola da gambist Arnie Tanimoto and harpsichordist Donald Livingston in a program of French music from the time of Louis XIV.

The flute was experiencing a newfound popularity with audiences and was considered one of the most fashionable instruments. For this program of works by Couperin, Hotteterre, Clérambault and Marais, Mr. Kuijken and Mr. Davis are playing Hotteterre-styled flutes at the luxuriously low pitch of A=392 (a whole-step below our modern A). The mellow sounds of these wood flutes create an atmosphere of blending sounds that will sooth and tantalize the listener’s ear.